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Lean, Green and Mobile, Flexetail Delivers Retail With A High-Tech Experience


January 04, 2019 – By Michael Walsh

photo by Daniel Nystedt

BOSTONThe Spring of 2018 was a bit of an “I knew it” moment for Joel Kamm, the Founder, CEO, and maybe more importantly, designer of Flexetail, a fleet of mobile, custom retail units which promise to deliver a unique brand experience for any product, to any destination.

“I was heading down the Mass Pike with Lucia [Kamm’s wife and business partner] just after Fenway near the Pru and my phone rang … a woman was on the other end and asked, “Were you driving a retail store down the Mass Pike?” I said, yes that is me. She told me she almost caused an accident after she slowed down to get our name, then she Googled us to get the number, and she told me she loved the structure and the tiny house concept,” recalls Kamm.


read more: https://therealreporter.com/briefs/lean_green_and_mobile_flexetail_delivers_retail_with_a_high_tech_experience


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