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The problem with brick and mortar retail is literally the “brick & mortar”, it’s holding retail back.

Flexetail is a modern mobile retail space for brands of all sizes looking to connect directly with their target customer base. Think food trucks, but for retail. Our innovative and eye-catching Flexetail shops offer a unique retail experience, while removing the obstacles of a traditional brick and mortar storefront. Flexetail delivers a smart, customizable, and affordable solution for savvy companies that value flexibility and the opportunity to set up shop in dream locations as diverse as a music festival, a seaside market, or a busy city square.


Flexetail Story – I’ve been thinking about the need for truly well-designed and efficient retail for a long time, but it was on a flight to run a marathon in Duluth, Minnesota where the idea really began to take form. By the end of the flight my notebook was filled with notes and sketches, and by the time I finished the marathon, I had worked out many of the details.

Back in Boston, I began working with an architect who was excited about the tiny house movement and a welder who was willing to take some risks – and the design and framework for our first unit was born. We debuted Flexetail in June of 2018 at PVDFest in Providence with Granny Squibb’s Iced Tea and hit the ground running from there.

Joel Kamm, Founder/CEO

Lucia Kamm, CO-Founder

YeSeul Kim, Strategy & Operations

YeSeul likes being a contrarian. She is an execution-oriented business leader who also likes to brainstorm big ideas. She also loves talking to consumers as much as building efficient systems and processes. YeSeul has turned to the science of analyzing big data, the art of qualitative research, and the application of a growth mindset to fuel her passion for solving complex problems for startups such as Flexetail.

Some of her past jobs include working at Procter & Gamble as a consumer insights specialist and as the Director of Operations at Ashoka, the world’s largest convener of social entrepreneurs. Additionally, she was the Director of Business Development & Operations at Northeastern University and most recently, VP Strategy & Operation of the Kendall Square Association. She is also owner of Kadami Enterprises, a boutique consulting company to help organizations scale effectively and efficiently.


YeSeul received her B.S. and Masters in Urban Planning from MIT.

Shelby Larsson, Media + Communications

Shelby Larsson loves a great story. Working in marketing and publicity, she’s launched far-reaching book campaigns, created organizational social media strategies, and has connected countless people and products with the press. With a background working for scrappy small businesses and non-profit organizations, Shelby has first-hand experience of just how unpleasant selling and sampling from a tent can be. With many toe-numbing days in her past, she immediately understood the value that Flexetail brings with this kind of thoughtful and well-designed mobile retail.

Shelby is the owner of Sense of Place Marketing, offering marketing and publicity consulting services. She has a B.A. from Bates College and a Masters in Historic Preservation from Boston University, where she doubled down on her life-long goal of keeping unique places vibrant and thriving. She lives in Milton, Massachusetts, with her husband and two adventure-loving little boys.