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Babson x Great Art Studio // GAS Pop Up

Galaxy Park in Kendall Square, Cambridge MA

In this age of all things digital, Babson Professor Lauren Beitelspacher wanted her retail class to experience a real-life, face-to-face business study. But she needed a physical space, a strong location, and something to sell. With Flexetail, she found immediate solutions. (Our team secured a perfect location in Cambridge’s Kendall Square). Next, she connected with Great Art Studio (GAS), a creative art space in Lynn, sparking the idea to create a mobile art gallery featuring small format art – making the most of Flexetail’s 142 square feet.

With brick and mortar gallery space disappearing from the streetscape, GAS studio owner Mary Flannery was enthusiastic about the idea. After an exciting weeklong activation, this is what she had to say about the experience:

“I love a clean, thoughtful, welcoming space…Flexetail is all that and then some. The ‘some’ that I was not expecting is how the space opens to the environment. This becomes a whole way to create a welcome mat to the store. I did not realize how many people would be able to look at our art pieces while moving in the space. It was the first time we were showing our treasured art pieces…we came out in style. People were genuinely wowed by the work and the space!”

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