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Sh*t That I Knit

SOMERVILLE, BOSTON, DEDHAM || Assembly Row, Legacy Place, Ink Block, Dewey Square, Seaport

Heading out on tour with Flexetail in December, STIK hit the road during the busiest shopping week of the year, allowing customers to pick up high-quality, thoughtful gifts in an easy and fun way. STIK has a loyal following on social media; the tour was an opportunity to put their unique knit hats, scarves, and wraps in front of new customers or those who have only seen them on a screen.
In some cases, the STIK worked within a traditional retail context – places like Legacy Place and Assembly Row, where the goal is to enhance existing retail with a unique, seasonal experience. With other stops, STIK popped up in creative spots, like the courtyard of the Ink Block in the South End. They also had a lot of fun doing it – customizing a Flexetail unit with their signature fun and cheeky style, including a flower wall and a custom macramé swing, perfect for capturing Instagram-worthy shots of customers wearing their new hats.

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