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The Boston Bruins

There’s a whole lot of love for the Bruins throughout New England, but it’s not always easy for the team to connect face to face with fans – until now. For the second year in a row, Flexetail has served as the mobile merchandise hub for the Bruins’ Fan Fest Tour, a rolling experience that visits all six New England states. If the crowds are any indication, we’d say the tour was a huge success. 

We have to hand it to the pro shop team – they have seen the light of the mobile experience. During the 2018 season playoffs and Stanley Cup finals, we were called back to provide a flexible retail option on Boston’s City Hall Plaza and outside the TD Garden. There was a huge demand from the fans, and the Bruins were able to get in front of them quickly and seamlessly with Flexetail. Categories:  APPAREL/SPORTS TEAM/TOUR

Bruins playoff causeway st Boston 2019 Stanley Cup
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