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Elemental Beverages

Rose Kennedy Greenway and Copley Place, Boston MA

We love working with innovators. For the coffee-loving engineers at Elemental Beverages, their innovation aims to make the best possible cold coffee on the market with their Snapchiller. Starting with the finest quality single-origin coffee, the Snapchiller chills fresh, hot beverages in under 60 seconds, allowing for  a high quality cold drink without ice, dilution, or oxidation. The result is full-bodied, natural coffee that’s full of aroma and flavor. When the product of your technology is as delicious as this, it makes a lot of sense to introduce it directly to consumers. Elemental Beverages transformed a Flexetail unit into a beautifully branded pop-up café to showcase their signature Snapchilled coffee. And we got to drink a lot of it. (It’s really, really good.)