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How does it work?
We have built each Flexetail unit from the ground up for the purpose of retail or exhibits. Each unit comes with a slatwall system that works with any standard fixtures. We have black and white shelves and faceouts available for use, or retailers can choose to use their own fixtures. Branding and other fixtures are up to the individual retailers. (We have a list of vendors available upon request that offer great signage and branding services.) We are happy to use any existing signage you may have as long as we feel we can secure the signage on our units.

Custom-built doors and windows can open wide to create an indoor/outdoor experience. Each unit comes with ample lighting, plenty of outlets (USB and 3-prong), a bluetooth operated soundbar, flat screen TV and heat and AC to keep everyone comfortable.

How much does it cost?
Our rental prices start at $400/day + tax and delivery (delivery within 25 miles of Boston is $100. $4/mile beyond the initial 25 miles). Please check out our rental pricing page for more information.

What about permitting?
Getting permission to use a Flexetail unit at a specific location is up to the client. For an activation held on public property, the client must obtain a permit from the city or town where the event will be located. Private events or permitted events may already have a permit from local government so a client will need to get permission from the event provider to use a Flexetail unit. Always check with your local permitting department and land owner.

What are the power requirements?
We have two models available. One unit is completely off-the-grid, running on battery power and recharged via solar panels (on top of the roof). Other units are plug-in versions. We have carefully wired them to be as efficient as possible so just a standard 3 prong 15-20 amp plug is all we need to run the lights, sound, TV and HVAC! (We just ask the plug is NOT on a ARCH Fault breaker. GFI plug is ok). We are working on a plug-n-play accessory to be completely off the grid, anticipated later this year.

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