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Flexetail is a modern mobile space for brands of all sizes looking to connect directly with their target customer base. Think food trucks, but for retail.

Available to rent by the day or purchase outright, our innovative and eye-catching Flexetail units offer a truly unique retail experience.

“The problem with brick + mortar retail is actually the bricks and the mortar.” – Joel Kamm


Our Difference

Our Units

Consumer Insights

Each mobile unit comes with a Dor Technology tracker, meaning that we can provide an hour by hour foot traffic analysis.. Layered  with your POS data, we can provide conversion rates and sales per square foot, laying out that ROI in clear, concise numbers.


Flexetail units look great – so we made sure that they’d also sound great. Every Flexetail unit comes with a Bose Sound Bar so you can turn up the tunes and set the tone for your customers.

We’re Electric

Ever notice that food trucks can be kind of loud and stinky? We decided early on that we would keep things clean, green, and pleasant for all by running on battery. Each unit has six solar panels on its roof – enabling us to be 100% electric and off the grid. You might even say that we’re the first electric retail store.