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Flexetail is a modern mobile space for brands of all sizes looking to connect directly with their target customer base. Think food trucks, but for retail.

Available to rent by the day or purchase outright, our innovative and eye-catching Flexetail units offer a truly unique retail experience.

“The problem with brick + mortar retail is actually the bricks and the mortar.” – Joel Kamm


Our Difference

Our Units

Complete Unit

When you work with Flexetail, you get it all. Each unit comes with ample lighting, plenty of outlets (USB and 3-prong), a bluetooth operated soundbar, and heat and AC to keep everyone comfortable.

Thoughtful Design

We have built each Flexetail unit from the ground up for the purpose of retail or exhibits. The 16-foot merchandise wall can convert to peg board, slat wall or standards to meet your needs, while the custom-built doors and windows can open wide to create an indoor/outdoor experience.

Eye-catching Activations

Brands and organizations that use Flexetail get noticed. The innovative and eye-catching concept brings in curious shoppers and passerby, translating into a captive and engaged audience.