How much does Flexetail cost?

Our prices start at $400/day plus delivery. Please check out our pricing page for more details

What are the Flexetail dimensions?

Our Flexetail units are 8.5′ wide x 11.5′ tall x 22′ long (tail to end of tongue). It can fit in a parking spot. The interior measures ~100 square feet.

Can we keep the Flexetail overnight in a location?

If a location allows you to keep it overnight, absolutely. This will keep your cost down by not having an additional delivery charge. We ask that you lock the doors and use your best judgment on protecting your products.

If we are allowed to stay overnight, can we keep our things inside and products set up?

Yes. Our units are made with duo-tempered glass, a thick 2.25” aluminum frame and locks that deadbolt. Depending on the location, we encourage our clients to use their judgment on weather to cover the windows from the inside to deter vandalism or break-ins.

If we’re required to move the unit at the end of the day, do we have to pay the delivery fee twice?

Yes, the delivery fee is $100 for a drop off and $100 for a pick up. We believe in paying our drivers a fair salary. With the cost of insurance, vehicle, gas and time, we feel this is the best and most fair price we can offer.

How many Flexetail units do you have in rotation right now?

We are constantly designing and building more units. Keep renting the units we have so we can build more!

Do you handle the permitting piece? How do we get permission to use Flexetail somewhere?

Permitting is dependent on the location. For private property Flexetail will work with the landowner and secure the COI. Getting permission to use a Flexetail is up to the client. We are happy to help in any way possible. For public property, the client will have to get a permit from the city hall in the town they want to use Flexetail. Private events or permitted events already have a permit from the town so a client will need to get permission from the event provider to use a Flexetail.

What about the weather? If it snows, or an event is canceled/postponed, what is your cancellation policy?

Flexetail units are made to be used in any weather. We will leave the decision to cancel up to our retail partner and the property owner. We won’t charge you for a day missed due to weather, and if possible, will work with you to find another date to activate.

How does the branding piece work? Can we use our own existing signage?

We work with a local vendor to provide our clients the best price and best product. We connect you directly to our vendor to work out the details. Our vendors know all our specs and requirements to properly handle and secure your signage. We are happy to use any existing signage you may have as long as we feel we can secure the signage on our Mobile units.

How do people know that we are doing an activation?

This is a marketing/publicity question and we would be happy to advise you.