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Ph: +1.617.564.3608

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design, build
and manufacturing.

Fusion 360 as built renderings
Sketchup drawings
Photoshop renderings

Custom interior build
Custom paint
Custom fixtures

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Our difference
is in the details.


Designed, engineered and built from the ground up we put the customers interaction with the space at the center point.


To be “mobile” it requires wheels. We have 4 of them, and also 2 very large hydraulic systems to quickly lower and raise our units in place. Our setup times are quick, just push a button and walk right in.


Our units are “simply” easy but complex inside. We only need 20 amps to run everything with our Flexe’s, that’s a standard outlet. Yes you can run that AC or heat without a generator or a special plug.

How fast can you build a Flexe (days)?
How far has a Flexe traveled (miles)?

our clients

We've worked with
some great brands
small and large.

From single person owned business to multi-billion dollar companies, we make sure all our partners are equally treated and served.

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April 6, 2020

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